Road traffic

For road transport, we arrange the transport of shipments with all types of trucks, including transport of special cargo transport, complete installations, as well as liquid cargo transportation.

We deliver and distribute one piece shipments of small weight and dimensions, in a very short period of time on the territory of Croatia, Slovenia (EU) and the territory of neighboring countries BIH, Serbia and Montenegro.

Container transport

Through the Port of Rijeka / HR / and the Port of Koper / SI / we organize container shipments from overseas countries, and through our business network we can accept / ship containers to / from other European ports.

We also organize all port manipulations and organize container transport to your destination of all types of containers (20 foot, 40 foot and 40hc).

Procedure 42 is an import clearance procedure in transportation of goods, in case when release of goods for free circulation is applied, , with the application of value added tax exemption , since the goods are intended for the taxpayer in another Member State of the European Union or, are moved by the taxpayer for his own needs.

Air traffic

The Air Transport office is responsible for making preliminary cost estimates for air transport. Professional trained staff and good cooperation with airlines, allow us to arrange the shipment / delivery of your goods to / from any part of the world in the fastest and most convenient way.

Rail transport

With many years of experience in the organization of railway transportation, we effectively solve the most complex problems in the area, we organize the transportation of special cargoes, complete facilities, transportation of liquid and bulk goods by route trains, delivery of equipment etc.


We have been providing logistical services for several years very successfully and efficiently for clients requiring commissioning, packing, repackaging, sorting, labeling and marking of shipments and their distribution to the final recipient. The increasing and complex demands of our clients, demand for an educated and professional team that is able to monitor the complexity of business of this nature.

Customs clearance

We perform all types of customs clearance / import, export, temporary import / export, external production, internal production, finishing, processing /, at our locations in the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Slovenia.


We perform warehousing through the Zagreb terminals of the Jankomir Business Unit, and at the same time we provide loading and unloading services of goods within, or outside the customs circle, depending on the complexity of the goods.

INTRASTAT - records system

By entering of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union, legal regulations for keeping records of goods traffic between EU Member States appeared under the name Intrastat, for which we can offer you our service of keeping mentioned records and procedures.